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Doom 3 modded for VR works with Oculus Quest
By: HoriZon

The somewhat classic but forgotten about Doom 3 is one hell of a blast in VR on the Oculus Quest with Doom3Quest the game is only £3.99 (at the time of writing) on Steam and well worth it. You will need SideQuest to install it to the headset minds.

It stands up very well, they have even made it so each hand works as it should in VR you can look at the gun from all angles and the other hand has the flash light or you can strap it to the gun or head/body. Play the whole games in VR, oh I'm going to hell and back!

Top f***ing marks people!

/I'm still shocked that this game that used to need a beefy PC back in the day now runs off a mobile device

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