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Call of Duty 4, PC demo
By: HoriZon

Infinity Ward will be releasing a PC demo for Call of Duty 4 on Thursday at around 5pm UK time.

It will premiere on Yahoo Games, although official site Charlie Oscar Delta should be updated with various download locations as they become available.

Unfortunately there is no word on the 360 or PS3 versions, although Activision expects to have an official statement on their whereabouts tomorrow. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is due out on 9th November in Europe.

[11 October 2007] Demo out, get it from here.


 08 Oct '07 - 14:42

Now if any of our olf BF2(142) crowd were looking for a new game but didn't like ET:QW or TF2 - this is probably gonna be the game for them

will probably download the demo and give it a whirl


 08 Oct '07 - 15:06
It does look good, a m8 of mine payed the X360 Beta and said it was fucking great!

I for one am sticking with TF2 for now.

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