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Unreal Tournament 3 Preview
By: HoriZon

Shacknews have a preview of Unreal Tournament 3 which you can catch a bit of below, never really played any of these games before but it might be worth a go!

After a long CTF stalemate was broken, I was ready to mix things up. Capture the flag is nice and all, but where UT3 really comes alive gameplay-wise is in the new Warfare mode. Fans will recognize the general idea of Warfare immediately, as it borrows from the now-defunct Onslaught mode found in UT 2004. You'll be capturing a series of connected "nodes," which must be destroyed, controlled, and then recharged with the beam of the Link Gun. When either team's base-bound Power Core becomes unlinked from a node, it is rendered vulnerable to attack, and can be subsequently destroyed, ending the round with a win for the attackers.

You can read it all right here. Their might be a demo on Friday too!

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