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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Review
By: HoriZon

Eurogamer have a review up for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption for the Wii its out next week on the 26th October!

If you've never been treated to the delights of a Metroid Prime title (and sales figures of the last two suggests that's most of you) then it's essential that you at least give this a try - and if you liked either of the previous two, it's just plain essential. Corruption is a game which places adventure as a joint priority among the action, and one that will live long in your memory once you're done with it. Quite unlike the slew of generic first-person shooters crowding out the shelves this year, it's a special game that might take a while to appreciate because of the way it does things differently to other games of a similar nature - but once you do unravel its charms, you'll be glad did. Immersive, engaging and with the kind of gameplay depth that so many shooters lack, Metroid Prime 3 might not represent a huge progression as far as the series goes, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the best games I've played all year - and certainly one of best yet on the Wii.

You can read it all here, I for one will be buying it!


 16 Oct '07 - 22:10
Same here. On the Wii atm


 16 Oct '07 - 23:01
I download Super Metroid off VC today played it for a few hours the game is still breathtaking with the way it plays and its music. So ahead of its time!

Also got the Metroid 3 'channel' which seems to be a bunch of streaming videos.


 17 Oct '07 - 16:18
Aye, got the metroid channel.

Might download SM again. Tis my all time fave game and all that


 18 Oct '07 - 17:52
Deffo worth it m8 i played on it for 3 hours so far! like the good ole days

/where are my slippers?


 22 Oct '07 - 12:59
Got a Snes and SM tucked away in the living room though

Edited on the 22 Oct '07 - 12:59


 30 Oct '07 - 07:34
Hurry up and buy it you tart!

I got about 10 green tokens to send

(You need green tokens sent by someone to unlock extras)


 30 Oct '07 - 10:23

Playing The Orange Box on the 360 atm just about done with HL2, EP1/2 to go and Portal!

Then MP3!


 30 Oct '07 - 13:14
You've never played HL2?



 30 Oct '07 - 13:20
have you run TF2 on the xbox ? any good ?


 30 Oct '07 - 18:38
Yeah its alright its hard from the mouse and keyboard but gfx wise looks the same tbh.

Yes i have played HL2 on the PC few years ago and EP1 but EP2 is new, playing them in order

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