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Download the Crysis Demo
By: HoriZon

EA and Crytek have released the SP demo to their new upcoming title Crysis. The demo features the first level of the game with approximately 1 hour of gameplay. See if your PC can handle this "next-gen" title and give it a go.

Download mirrors can be found here.

[29 October 2007] Crysis Goes Gold, it will hit stores November 16th.


 28 Oct '07 - 12:07
I wont bother this laptop has no chance of running it in all its glory!!!


 29 Oct '07 - 10:26
My new rig should fly through it tbh.


Mind you it's costing enough


 29 Oct '07 - 22:44
just ran the checker app on Nzone, and my rig is fine for it ... downloading now


 30 Oct '07 - 16:20
just had a quick blast of this on my work machine - and it runs pretty good. If you try this - SHOOT THE TREE's - Drive into a tree etcetc mess around with the destructive enviroment- the dynamics seem pretty darn good.

My only gripe was it was a bit "farcry"

will have a proper go on ym gamin PC at home to see what it looks like with a decent rig, but first impressions - at least a 7.5/10

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