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November site updates!
By: HoriZon

A few things have been changed/added this weekend.


  • Site updated to latest version of e107!!
  • Finally added the 'Clan Members' page though its still missing info and photos!
  • Added a 'Games Page' link to the right hand games menu.
  • Added some updated graphics from ROB!
  • When not logged in the comments display a signup/login error message. (the red box thing)
  • Fixed a few URL errors for the BF1942 games pages.
  • Fixed some small spelling mistakes, I'm thick and cant spell.
  • Fixed the forum reporting users posts, when one is deleted! (thx Sar)

Any bugs let us know on the forum!


 04 Nov '07 - 17:53
Note: Of late a lot of inactive/ex-members have been trying login with their old user names. These were unfortunately lost in the site transfer a few months ago, please sign up again!


 05 Nov '07 - 12:54
wrote:#Fixed the forum reporting users posts, when one is deleted! (thx Sar)




 05 Nov '07 - 15:33
When you said about forum posts been 0 was part of it


 05 Nov '07 - 18:30
[partridge] Aha! [/partridge]

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