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New TF2 update!
By: Sar

As HoriZon is offline atm due to buying that dodgy modem from his local flea market, it's up to me to post news on the latest TF2 & Source engine patch!

The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:


  • Took a more aggressive approach to solving the exploit that would allow players to get underneath terrain in Team Fortress 2
  • Fixed a regression with walking on terrain in Half-Life 2: Episode Two


  • Fixed building bone merge cache from dormant entities. Fixes weapons in SourceTV attached to wrong bones
  • Pass over spectator UI and scoreboard in SourceTV mode, disabled/changed some VGUI elements
  • ALT will switch to Auto-Director mode in SourceTV


 25 Nov '07 - 14:35
Never fear i am back on a new modem if it holds up.

Did mange to finish EP2 and Portal though

Mario or AC next not sure, got both!


 25 Nov '07 - 19:30

Haven't bought Mario yet - probably leave it to the new year tbh, got so many games to get through atm, including Mass Effect.


 25 Nov '07 - 22:30
Assassin's Creed

Yeah to many games know that feeling !


 26 Nov '07 - 07:39
Ahh yes. Gonna get that at Xmas I reckon, along with Dead Rising and DOA4.


 26 Nov '07 - 13:45
I'm playing atm:

Wii - Metroid Prime 3 (on the back burner atm though tbh)
PC - STALKER (no-one told me this was a FP-RPG (a la Deus Ex) FFS!)
360 - Halo 2 SE to be followed by Halo 3 SE
360 - PES 6
360 - Blue Dragon
360 - Mass Effect

All of which is fitted in around games of TF2 natch!


 26 Nov '07 - 14:04
God yeah S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is massive and it fucking rocks! played it 6 months ago

Edited on the 26 Nov '07 - 14:05


 26 Nov '07 - 14:13
Aye, I never got round to getting it, then got it free with my motherboard.

Couldn't say no!


 27 Nov '07 - 14:09
it's all about Guitar Hero 3 at the mo


 28 Nov '07 - 11:51

Playing Mass Effect a lot atm - fucking superb game.

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