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BioShock Patches, Free Plasmid DLC
By: HoriZon

Publisher 2K Games will release patches next week, in addition to a free downloadable content pack for the hit game.

The DLC will at least include extra plasmids for players to mess around with, a way to disable Vita-Chambers for hardcore play, and bug fixes.

The patches will also address the game's field-of-vision perspective, following an intense bout of controversy over the way BioShock handles its widescreen display.

A title update to the Xbox 360 version will be released alongside the DLC, while the PC patch will come bundled with the content. Expect a patch list to be posted on The Cult of Rapture website when the downloads go live.

[04 December 2007] The patch/update is now out you can find the full changelog here.

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