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Xbox 360 Dashboard update
By: HoriZon

Microsoft's Autumn Xbox 360 Dashboard update will go live tomorrow and gamers can expect a host of new features.

Top of the new additions will be a supped up 'friends list' and the arrival of cut-price game downloads, entitled Xbox Live Arcade Hits. The service, which will be similar to Microsoft's retail Classic range, will begin with Lumines Live, Marble Blast Ultra, Bankshot Billiards 2, Small Arms and Zuma.

Other new features will include an Xbox-related news feed service providing users with up-to-date gossip from the Xbox 360 world, plus the ability for gamers to personalise their profiles with additional information will also be on offer.

Finally, there will be updates to the video access, navigation and parental controls.


 03 Dec '07 - 21:07
oh and DivX and XviD support if you believe the reports!


 04 Dec '07 - 23:05
I like the new layout and the idea old Xbox 1 games is cool

Edited on the 04 Dec '07 - 23:05


 05 Dec '07 - 21:22
Aye, seems like a decent update. Downloaded it last night.


 09 Dec '07 - 23:28
Seems slow at times (past 10pm) i guess its our USA friends?

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