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Bungie focusing on Xbox 360
By: HoriZon

Bungie Studios the makers of Halo, currently has "no plans" to work on any platforms besides Xbox 360, two of the developer's top men told Eurogamer readers in a LiveText interview this afternoon.

We have no plans to work on any other platforms beyond 360 at this time," writing lead Frank O'Connor responded to a question about whether Bungie's newfound independence might give rise to non-360 projects.

"Microsoft have been good friends to us," added Jonty Barnes, production director. "You can see the strength of our relationship in Halo. We're really focused on continuing our collaboration in making the best games we can, and that right now is on 360.

New games from them as long as it isn't Halo will be nice though (well maybe)


 07 Dec '07 - 21:06
Speaking of Halo i downloaded Halo 1 off the new 'Xbox Originals' thing, seems as i remember it so far! Shame its only in 4:3 and not 16:9 but then again it was made like that

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