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Team Fortress 2 - New Maps, 360 Patch and more
By: HoriZon

Various sources, CVG and Shacknews are reporting that there are new Team Fortress 2 maps, a 360 patch and video creating tools all in the works!

Confirmation regarding maps and the patch came from Valve's Kerry Davis via forum user Shamrock. Valve submitted an Xbox 360 patch--addressing exploits and bugs, bandwidth usage, and stats reporting--to Microsoft certification today, and expects the certification process to take 10-14 days, completing before Christmas.

As far as new in-production maps, Davis gave no time frame. They will be released individually on PC, and in a single pack on Xbox 360. It is unknown whether that pack will be free; Microsoft has been reported as being discouraging towards developers releasing free game content through Xbox Live.

In a separate email sent to Shacker Trips, Valve's Robin Walker noted that the company plans to add to its official SDK the proprietary tools it uses to create the videos highlighting TF2 classes such as the Heavy, Engineer, Soldier, and Demoman. He said the company uses Softimage XSI and Autodesk Maya as well as its own tools.

So there all coming but how long will we have to wait for some of the content?

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