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Quake 2

Quake 2 Demo Collection

Some real classics in this the last of all the [PR] demo's and others from Q2 we have. Some are from the Wireplay DM/CTF League's, some from a 2v2 league. As well as the UKCCL.

In this pack you will find such great games as:

  • PR vs. [LL] LanLords, 'classic game' on q2dm8 from the old WPQ2DML.
  • PR vs. [LL] LanLords, a couple of other games.
  • PR vs. [NL] Night Lords, on q2dm1 from the old WPQ2DML.
  • PR vs. [xTc] Ecstasy, on q2dm1 also from the WPQ2DML (Sar was on the other team!)
  • PR vs. [FRE] Fremen, a couple of DM games.
  • PR vs. [KiL] Kilumanti, on q2dm2.
  • [UNR] Unreal vs. [HooD] The HooDs, on q2dm1 in what was 'THE' match at the time!
  • [Rv] Revenge vs. [CS] Clan Stealth, on q2dm1 in another classic game.
  • [ME] ManEaters vs. [BABE] Babes of London, reunion match! (BABE=men - [ME]=girls!)
  • [ME] ManEaters vs. [SEX] Sacred Exterminators, in another reunion match.
  • All Stars vs. Dark Prophecy, WP 2v2 with Spanjab, Trendy, [KC]Grom, some [MKC] players!
  • 27/6 vs. Heaven&Sent, old WP 2v2 with [PR]-kZ- (aka MonoBrat) & [PR]Warchild.
  • PR^GEMiNi (aka MonoBrat) & [HooD]Nimrod vs. PR^Afterwish & {CBA}Mastakilla on q2dm1.
  • Plus a few more PR^ games and some 2v2 matches with Spanjab who won a prize!

Some of these demo's may require our and other custom skins.

(this zip contains 24 demo's in total!)

Please Note: you can use a demo player such as Seismovision.exe to run them, you also need Quake 2 installed! Also note that some use custom modifications and/or maps you will need those to be able to view them.

All of these videos can be viewed on our YouTube Channel.

Speaking of Quake 2, we still have some result screenshots:

Filesize: 19.67 MB
Date: Wednesday, 14 July 1999 - 16:49
Downloads: 16
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 29 Aug '07 - 19:42

My first ever proper game of Q2 against some bunch of nubs.


 29 Aug '07 - 19:50
Yeah and I gather you sucked back then too


 29 Aug '07 - 20:32
"Back then"?

It's been 8 long hard years and I still suck as hard now as I did then.

I suck that hard I make Betty proud!


 26 Jan '08 - 18:11
-18 K/D net.

FATAL1TY has nuthin on me.



 30 Jan '08 - 13:18
I got a demo of Wireplay final in UK for 50K prize where Billox played Thresh and got -2 to Treshes 50. Thresh is the guy who won a Ferrari of John Carmack.
I was present at the event and got really drunk. I was staged at a London nightclub by Wireplay and BarrysWorld and we all went to a BarrysWorld party afterwards near New Oxford Street. Those were the days!

I will dig it up at one point.


 31 Jan '08 - 18:08
I hated deathmatch
ctf 4 da win


 27 Nov '10 - 12:27
Found a load more demo's from Q2 on a CD, this download goes from 7 demo's to a mega 24!!!!


Edited on the 27 Nov '10 - 19:48


 15 Aug '11 - 00:06
Do you need the actual game to view the demos in Seismovision as I downloaded it but cant view demos (I dont have Q2 anymore). Dont suppose anyone can make them compatible and put on you tube for me to see?


 15 Aug '11 - 16:56
You do need Q2 installed yes, I tired to convert them to videos for YouTube but didn't have much luck.

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