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Author: JellyFish
Website: http://www.pr-clan.com/

Place it in your Steam folder: X:xxxxxx\Steam\steamapps\username\team fortress 2\tf\maps

NB: Screenshots of this are from Version 2

+++++ This download is Version 4 ! +++++



(this download is a PR^ only download!)

Filesize: 1.79 MB
Date: Friday, 09 November 2007 - 21:50
Downloads: 29
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 06 Nov '07 - 00:11
Spawn rooms, some slightly off landscape/clipped blocks and minimal decals (I put the capture zone decals as hints at where the CP's may go), and some VERY basic lighting (it's gets v dark down below otherwise).

It's only got 2 or 3 material textures to aid with compile time (this will be changed nearer completion !)

There will be additional landscape to make it less Sn!p3r PwN ! but the next step is just to get the thing working, hope to have CP's done by the end of the week (depends on how busy work is realy)

comments welcome.


 06 Nov '07 - 09:12
Shall download it and run round it later today

GJ m8


 06 Nov '07 - 12:02
5 CP's FTW!

I would start basic like i think you have and work up from that. Is it possible to import your own textures etc? outdoor maps look better too. Think about the outside of map for adding stuff to give it more depth much like the default ones.

Lazytown would be better if the caps went faster they have set them to slow you know like cp_well goes fast imo, so don't make that mistake!


 06 Nov '07 - 13:54
have got a version that works with 2 CP's which I will upload today.

I am not going to do any work on textures/making it look pretty until the map works. Yes you can import your own textures. But seriously - there are thousands already to choose from (as you can use the HL, HL Ep1 &2) ones too.

I think this version will have 4 CP's ( nearredspawnroom, nearbluespawnroom, middle and top).

As I said, map works.(mostly)

To DO.

Engineer no build areas need to be sorted (inside spawnrooms, slopes and cap areas)

Spawnroom restrictions (to stop other team entering and camping)

Adjust cap times / zone as required

Add map fluff (name, instructions, welcome message etc)

Texturing/fine details


 06 Nov '07 - 17:33
Updated download to CP Version


 06 Nov '07 - 18:34
Very nice m8 just had a look at the first one and it seems big but i can see where you are going with it. I gather the 2 middle CP's can be took not in order ? or is one locked. It seems very big a long way to run for say if your team is at the final CP. Some good places for camping and snipers!! stop them fucks now!

As for the final look i know its a long way off but the map reminds me of some thing futuristic so maybe base it in space or something (just a thought) need to keep it in with TF2 though the big building etc will need their own style which as you say is the last thing to do!

But yeah it seems to play fast easy to get around!

For those who haven't or can't download it. I have added few early pics! to oogle over.

Edited on the 06 Nov '07 - 18:39


 06 Nov '07 - 20:11
There will be 4 cap points, the 2 exisiting locations and a futher 2 (one outside each spawnroom)- cp's nearest spawnrooms will be the final cap -(red has to cap the point outside blu, and vice versa) this final one can only be capped when the others are all held.

Red starts with one CP, Blu starts with one CP, and the 2 in the middle are unassigned.

NB. Both Soldier and Demo can "jump" up the 1st bit to cap the 1st cappable point. In an attempt to stop scout rushes.

As I said in the forum topic - I have a working version, with 4 CP's and will upload that tomorrow (weds). This has many more blocks (sniper restrictions), and a few clipping bit's ironed out. Would be cool to get it running on our server in passworded mode - see what kinda framrates we get, but wait til I have added things like health/ammo crates etc else it's just gonna get annoying

I have added minimal decals to help people find the 1st cappable, and have added some colored lighting to signify which end of the map u are at (as it's pretty much mirrored)

more updates to follow when I sort my life out.

Edited on the 06 Nov '07 - 20:14


 07 Nov '07 - 12:27
Looking good! not sure about all the narrow corridors a bit of a Scout zone all that with them jumping on top of them etc, as for the capture zones the raised platforms in the 2 middle ones are odd and small maybe make them much bigger ?

Only other gripe the cp boxes are laid out a bit to high into the main game screen maybe lower them and have 3 on the bottom one above the middle. (as at some res they get in the way


 07 Nov '07 - 17:36

cp heights are error on my part - noted
CP cap zones can be made bigger - again, noted.
Corridors - we shall see.
one of the red supplier lockers being triggered by standing in front of the other locker (might be the same for blu) - will fix.

Has been manic here today = no mapping


 09 Nov '07 - 14:24
Map Updated -

Changes ....
Added regen boxes, fixed couple of clipping errors, removed dodgy spawnroom regen cabs, incresed cap area for middle 2 cp's, stopped cp's from "floating"

oh and added some watery goodness :D:D (as suggested by Horizon)

Hope to have this on the PR^ server for this weekend (hint hint H) so we can test it with a few players. ( it's very lonely running around by oneself)


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