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01.11.2007 - 11:57
a nice clan to have some good fun with.

Hi all,

I'm Muppet (realname: Coen) 27years old and live in Holland.
I've been playing in clans for over 10 years now and thats also the time I've been waiting for Teamfortress 2 to come out.
Used to play TFC a lot in the good ol' days (several clan, dutch nat. squad) and last 5 years been very active in Call of Duty 1 & 2 (
Now TF 2 came out I feel the need more than ever to play it.
Playing publics every night is great, but as a clan and matchaddict, I'd like to play the game with some nice guys and having a good laugh
I've always played in UK-based clans and even visited some clanfriends some years ago in London. You could say I just love the silly UK-bastards

2 be realistic, I dont go to school anymore so I just cant play from dusk till dawn, but almost every night I'm on it.
Maybe you're interested, just let me know.


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01.11.2007 - 14:43
PR^ Fluffer

what's ya steam username so we can add you to friends etc... come find us on our server and make yourself known in game. If we like ya playstyle / skills then we'll get you onto our vent server for a chat etcetc.

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01.11.2007 - 14:52
Clan guru..!
Jump on our server and stalk us is the best option if where not on the server we are on others.

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01.11.2007 - 18:11
kk nice.. my steam username is Muppet80

catch ye on the server

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03.11.2007 - 23:31
Clan guru..!
Played well tonight m8, from what we saw at east hang around a few more days with us and we will see how you go.

How much you play and what nights ? game wise we are aiming for Mon, Tue, Wed and Sun for games about 2/3 a week.

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04.11.2007 - 19:56
Thx m8, you played all pretty good yourself as well.

Normally throughout the week wont be a problem. Sunday differs a bit.
Normally I play almost every night for a while. I'll cath you on publics (or own server ofc)

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