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26.03.2008 - 18:19
Clan guru..!
Please note: This guide was made using 'Google Chrome' for the screenshots it may vary slightly with other Browsers.

Any site member can add images and files and such to the site, this is a quick guide on how to do that.

Add Images & Files to the Forum:
Add an upload to the forum (they can be zip, jpg, gif, png anything else will be automatically deleted - say if you have a picture but no webspace add it via the upload file option when posting and the image will be shown in your post but it does resize them to 720px by whatever, for space and site sizing matters)

Add your own Avatars:
Any user can upload their own avatar by the "Edit Profile" page but any image uploaded to this site that is deemed inappropriate will be deleted immediately.

Add a video from YouTube:
You can add a video from the popular site by using the button in the BBCODE menu. This can be done on the forum, comments and pm's (private messages) parts of the site.

All you do is put the YouTube video ID code between the tags, with no HTTP URL etc. Like this:

(H2BjkL5mJ1 is simply an example)

You can find the 'H2BjkL5mJ1' video ID number at the end of the URL in the address bar of your browser on YouTube:

Only upload/add appropriate files/videos or the mods may remove them.

You have been warned!

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Sometimes posts made by users may contain images and links to other websites and social media places. If you click on said links you run the risk of idiocy, self-harm and pornography and other awful.. awful things, for our complete rules of what you can and can't post please go here.

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