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18.08.2011 - 13:59
Sacred Exterminators

Just though I would say a quick hello.

Its really good to see you guys are still going!

I remember so well "As if by magic Spanjab appeared" while playing Q2 on Wireplay.

Happy Days!

[SEX] Trendy

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18.08.2011 - 15:39
Clan guru..!
The name I recognise from old Quake 2 demos, but I don't think I had the pleasure?

We dont play any games anymore haven't since 2007 but the site is always here and will be for as long as I pay and mess around with it

Enjoy the retro oldskool avatar as well

[ Edited on the 18.08.2011 - 18:48 ]
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24.08.2011 - 19:29
PR^ Clan Spammer!
Yay Glen! How you doing fella?

Yeah I remember that macro to write huge text in Quake 2, small things amused my small mind back then.

What are you up to now? Still playing anything?

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21.08.2012 - 08:56
Clan guru..!
We have some Q2 demos of you Span and Trendy in the download section 2v2 I think

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