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16.01.2012 - 03:02
wow THIS HAS CHANGED alot since i been gone this is ~pr~smokey i used to be in this clan when i played halo lol , Then i told some people i was leaving for the army now im back home for good wow cant get over how all this changed i still talk to PEST some times ~QF~PEST well i hope im still in this squad id like to get with some of yea and play a few rounds of something well its been nice some what chatting with you lol well get ahold of me when yea want you can email me at prsmokey© well hope to talk to some of yea some time later !

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16.01.2012 - 13:34
Clan guru..!
We have never played Halo I'm afraid you have the wrong Phoenix Rising we are the original UK ones from way back in 1998 when we started playing Quake 2 on the PC.

Our tag used to be [PR] but for Quake 3 and Battlefield games onwards it has been PR^

Hi though

[ Edited on the 16.01.2012 - 13:40 ]
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