24.09.2007 - 20:21
hey folks, ive recently been playing on your TF2 server alot (favourited ) user name Soul^

im 22 from england and have played alot of fps's over the years

im currently wishing to join either TF2 or QW:ET (ive been playing the QW demo and have full game ordered)

although im enjoying TF2 more at the moment

get back to me when you can

thx, l8r.

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24.09.2007 - 20:47
Clan Member!
Cool, we are looking for a few players. Pm me or horizon and we can get you on voice comms and have a runaround. You will need ventrillo.

Hope to see you soon.

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25.09.2007 - 11:45
Clan guru..!
Yeah msg me or Nutkins and we can arnange something with comms etc, we have about 5/6 active players in TF2 atm. Looking for 3/4 more.

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