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23.10.2007 - 17:38
Hey guys, I've recently started playing TF2 and feel I've naturally taken to it.

I'm from London, UK and have been playing FPS for the last 6 years.

I'm 18, use Teamspeak/Vent and would love to join a clan that is wanting to get going with matches.



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23.10.2007 - 18:16
Clan guru..!
As we say to everyone get on the servers and find us playing we are on in force most nights.

My Steam name is horizon404.

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23.10.2007 - 23:38
Clan Member!
Yer, join us on a server, there is usually 6 or more of us on most nights although some are incognito. My steam name is nutkins2000

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24.10.2007 - 09:27
PR^ Fluffer
^^ what they said.

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