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Played: 42  Won: 17 (40%)  Lost: 19 (45%)  Drawn: 6 (14%)
Game Details

Date / Time:14.01.08 @ 20:00 (Monday)
Game:Team Fortress 2
Game Mode:Control Point
Opponent Tag / Name:Fz ~ FreneZy
Password:<---- Restricted to clan members ---->

Info / Report:
This game is 6v6.

We have played Fz before but we were short, but we played that 5v6, this time we had 6!!

We played as we said we would and stuck to our plan only changing when they did. They held us off a few times at their second and back control points, but we pushed through. We were pushed back a few times but we held them off with a few blind lucky crits in a row in one of the rounds, but they eventually capped it!

The second map was Well, again we stuck to our general plan throughout the map, we had some close rounds and came close to losing our back control point a few times but with a bit of teamplay we held them off and pushed them back to win the map without dropping a round!

Well played all and thank's FreneZy.


Map(s): Score (Us) Score (Them)
6 3
5 0 Total: 11 3 Result:

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