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Team Fortress 2: Badlands Preview
By: HoriZon

Badlands, one of two new maps on the way for TF2, will follow some other notable changes to the game, some of which are not yet detailed. It has not yet been confirmed whether the maps will hit the console versions of TF2.

Take whatever ideas you might have of what Badlands would look like in Team Fortress 2 and toss 'em out the window; though structurally and thematically similar, the transition from straight CTF into control point-based play transforms the map into a whole new animal.
The most striking and immediately obvious difference is the lay of the land surrounding the red and blue bases, and the routes which make them accessible. The high cliffs and canyon routes of the original Badlands have been leveled off, and though rocky terrain still segments the three main areas off from one another, players will notice dramatically greater line-of-sight than in the TFC map.

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