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Some Site Updates!
By: HoriZon

Fixed a few issues with the site and Firefox as well as some minor changes.


  • Messed with the old code on alot of the results pages etc and things like 'tool tips' which didn't work in Firefox should work in both now. Stupid IE and its old buggy code!!
  • Also added some new gfx to the site, you wont noticed them much!
  • Removed the members page link, as it was never completed.
  • Added some BF1943 screenshots to the gallery.
  • Fixed a few outdated links and spelling errors.
  • Updated 'Links Page' with new images and ratings!
  • Added full dates to the 'recent' and 'new items' pages.
  • Removed some downloads which were outdated. (game patches and such)
  • Various other small updates and fixes.

Think that was all. Other than that the clan has been very quite over the last year or so I think we may have called it time on the gaming side of things, but we will see.

As for the site I will add to it from time to time, but as it is now don't expect too much been added!

Missed this, we went past our 11th birthday back in June!!

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