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New Super Looking Site (Beta 1)
By: HoriZon

As you may have noticed we are slowly redesigning the site (v7.0), its a bit cleaner and is now 1024 by default. The right hand menus are also gone too. We are basing the site on a sheet of paper mainly with a lot of rough looking parts, there is now an image for the background at the top this is on a random loop of about 20 or so from games we have played and one or two we haven't. The new 'theme' is currently called PhoenixRIP but this may change as it sounds like we have died

This is a full list of changes thus far:

  • New look to the left hand side menu's.
  • New Top Menu in place and done. (just need to sort out images in it)
  • New mouseover banners on the games page. (BF2142 page has gone from grey to green)
  • New Darker red background with random bg images. (still finalising these)
  • New spoiler effect: Is it fucking working???
  • New look too the 'news' layout with custom font header it should work on most modern browsers.
  • New look page headers for all parts of the site with same font as the news.
  • New Tag Menu at the bottom of each page.
  • New SHARE Menu in 'beta' for now. (share pages to Twitter, Facebook & Digg etc..)
  • New sketch/doodle 'Games Menu' for upcoming & played matches. (games & RWAR pages only!)
  • New Private Message post-it note image. (site members only)
  • New Private Message SPLAT™ alert with sound effect! (site members only)
  • Most of the images are now PNG's as we can do more with them. (transparency & layering etc)
  • Gone are the drop down main site links and have been replaced with mouseover buttons.
  • FAQ, About, Media & Games pages all updated!
  • Updated the style of the 'next & prev' page links on the bottom of news and forum page etc...
  • Forum and RWAR pages all now have new mouseover buttons.
  • Updated the look to the 'quote style' & 'code style' when using BBCODE.
  • Textarea's they have a paper bg & rounded corners/drop shadow (latter wont work with IE)
  • Focus outline for all Textarea's site wide. (not compatible with IE7 or below)
  • Added a 'Register' banner for all none logged in users and a post-it note to login area saying what it is.
  • Fixed short page issue in all browsers. (I hope!!)
  • Fixed a load of bugs from the old theme and some new ones I missed the first time around!!

Tested & working with IE7, IE8, FF2+ (best from FF3.5+), Chrome 3+, Safari 3+ & Opera 8+

Its been in progress for the last few weeks by myself and ROB who has been splendid with making most of the graphics and having his say on the overall design. If you notice any bugs please let us know in this forum post or post in the comments.

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