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Recent Site Changes
By: HoriZon

We have made quite a few changes to the site over the last few months or so these are the ones I remember doing.


  • New main 'Phoenix Rising' logo.
  • Re-worked the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page a little.
  • Added 'members' image to the 'Media' page for articles/interviews which require the user to join the site.
  • Added 'members' image for some downloads which require the user to join the site.
  • Added a link to a demoplayer plus a website for maps to each demo download for Quake 2/3.
  • Added old Wireplay Quake 2 clan skins.
  • Added lots more of our demos for Quake 2 to the download section.
  • Added a couple of new screenshots to the main 'Games' page for Quake 2.
  • Changed the download icon in the download section for a much bigger one.
  • Changed the 'Forum' link at the top of every page to a green button instead of a text link.
  • Increased the size of YouTube videos on the news pages.
  • Fixed a few HTML table alignment issues with Google Chrome.
  • Fixed issue with the year showing as 2010 when it should be 2011 for news items.
  • Fixed the top advert not been centred on the page.

In an effort to archive all our old games I have revamped the Game Database, I will soon be adding every game we have ever played (well all but Quake 2 ones, as we just don't have them on record), so thats all our old scores for Q3, BF1942, BF2 etc...

Made the page look like a bit of paper (cheers ROB), I have added images of all the maps for each game (some of the Q3 ones were a bast to find so had to install Q3 and take about 20-ish out of 70 odd myself!!) All the leagues, game modes are all added.

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