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Miscellaneous News Debris™
By: HoriZon

The first of our miscellaneous news posts, its a tradition to do these well it used to be, a collection of stuff from the past week.

  • UK shops have said copies of Halo 3 are selling faster than lovely hot cakes, according to GamesIndustry.biz reports.
  • Not without problems Xbox Live died and reports of games been unplayable cos they have been scratched in the box!
  • Valve are to Evaluate Episodic Approach, Banging out an episode per year may not be what most gamers call "episodic." Are they going to make sure that Episode Three will make it within that time span after Episode Two's release? Talking to CVG, Gabe Newell said that after the trilogy is completed, they will look to gamers for opinions on the episodic approach.
  • Bad news ladies. The much anticipated Crysis demo will not be hitting the internet just yet as was originally scheduled. Word from EA says that the Crysis singleplayer demo is now slated to be released on October 26th.
  • A new trailer for the awesome looking Assassin's Creed is going around.
  • Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars is OUT to buy in the next few days so get yours ordered today!

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