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Battlefield 3 more compact on consoles
By: HoriZon

The scale of the maps of DICE's upcoming war shooter Battlefield 3 are promised to be huge. Considering the PC version of the game will pit 32 players against another set of 32 players, that's not entirely surprising; there's got to be room for everybody. As for the console version, which will host 12 vs. 12 battles, not unlike Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the maps have been scaled down in order to accommodate 24 players in a better way, according to executive producer Patrick Bach.

"We tried to get more players in [to the console version] but then you need to scale down all the graphics, scale down all the destructibility, and sometimes you need to scale down all the map sizes," explained Bach. Basically, stripping what makes a Battlefield game, a Battlefield game.

"Everything is a compromise on: where do you cut?"

He outlined, however, that making the maps smaller doesn't necessarily mean cutting them "in half," but rather make them more compact in order to keep the action going at full throttle.

"When we say they are smaller, its not that we have cut them in half. But we tried to compact them slightly to keep the action up. If you compare it to Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the maps weren't really small on console. We actually had huge maps even for console. We have the same kind of angle on it right now [in Battlefield 3]. We want to create the same experience for PC as for consoles."

This might upset some, understandably, but if you've played Bad Company 2, then you already have a good perspective on things to come; those maps are quite large for a console game, dare we even say some of the biggest maps on any shooter so far.

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