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Site Updates
By: HoriZon

These are all the updates since June 2011, as well as the below the sites 'core' has also been updated!


  • Updated YouTube videos site wide. (see below)
  • Updated 'Share Menu' with new icons, fixed IE7 'image border' issues with it also.
  • Updated Links page with new site images, removed a couple dead sites.
  • Games Page's - tidy up of the HTML code, fixed a few errors.
  • Added a few more avatars for users to select.
  • AntiSpam bot measures added a 'colour check' selection for signup and all members.
  • Updated user setting page with a warning banner and a clean-up of the page itself.
  • Updated YouTube page with latest code and changed 'no video' image.
  • Corrected a few more spelling and grammar errors! (does no one check them?)

Went through all the old GameTrailer videos in the news and forum and where possible changed them to the YouTube version of the same video, also updated a few dead videos with working ones.

News Categories
 EA unveils Battlefield 4, powered by Frostbite 3
 Battlefield 3 - Review
 Battlefield 3 campaign launch trailer

 Happy Birthday to us!
 We're Getting older!!
 Another year another Birthday!

 Valve says E3 reveal "isn't Ep 3"
 John Carmack's QuakeCon Keynote
 Electronic Entertainment Expo aka E3 - 2008

 Jolt Q3CTF League kicks off 2008
 TF2 6v6 Ladder Report - FreneZy
 TF2 6v6 Ladder Report - Apex-Outcasts

 PSVR Shooter ‘Firewall Zero Hour’ Finally Gets Release Date
 Avengers: Infinity War's Thanos drops into Fortnite today
 Valve Acquires Firewatch Developer Campo Santo

 Rocket Jump: Quake and the Golden Age of First-Person Shooters
 Quake Champions gameplay footage!
 Quake Live coming soon to Steam

 Merry Christmas one and all!
 Happy 2016 Everybody!
 The Rise of the Cyber Athletes

 RWar Site Update - Chocolate Frag Edition
 Site Update Winter 2018 - Cornetto Trilogy Edition
 Site Update 2017 - Milkshake Edition

Team Fortress 2
 Team Fortress 2 to Get Oculus Rift ‘Virtual Reality Mode’
 Team Fortress 2 goes free-to-play
 New Team Fortress 2 Public Beta