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Site Update, smiley's finally make an appearance!
By: HoriZon

News is very slow this month not really had the time to post much of late, but I have had a few spare moments to fix a few issues around the site. I have added smiley's, not a big fan of them myself but you guys did want them so here they are finally!


  • Added 'smiley's' to the site and found a decent looking set. (see below)
  • Clean-up of the 'Games' page for none logged in users.
  • New YouTube BBCODE icon to reflect their site update.
  • Had a little tidy up of the 'About' page and the 'FAQ' page.
  • The 'Share Menu' is no longer a beta as it seems to work just fine.
  • Removed Google Buzz from the 'Share Menu' as its been discontinued by Google.
  • More clean-up of the core and some more security added.

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