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Played games: 372  Won: 160 (43%)  Lost: 172 (46%)  Draw: 40 (11%)

Games - Quake 4

Released in October 2005, Quake 4 begins only moments after the events of Quake 2 and enlists you in the role of an elite member of Rhino Squad and Earth's valiant invasion force. Fight alone, with your squad, or in hover tanks and mechanized walkers as you engage in a heroic mission to the heart of the Strogg war machine. Battle through early missions as a deadly marine, then after your capture, as a marine-turned-Strogg with enhanced abilities and the power to turn the tide of the war.

Built on id Software's revolutionary DOOM³ technology, Quake 4 also features fast-paced multiplayer competition modeled after the speed, feel, and style of Quake 3 Arena.

Note that defaults are not listed, unless indicated by *d.

Jolt Q4 Capture The Flag League*

Cup - December 2005

*We no longer compete in this league or ladder.