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Played games: 213  Won: 86 (40%)  Lost: 107 (50%)  Draw: 20 (9%)

PCZONE Knockout Battlefield 2 Cup
We entered this competitive Battlefield 2 cup in July 2005. The winners of the final will receive prizes for members of their squad and will be mentioned in the PCZONE magazine.

All matches are 8v8, a team must have a minimum of 6 players in order to play. If one team has only 6 players the opposition will not be required to play with less than 8 unless they wish to. Each clan will compete against each other twice (2x20) on pre-determined maps.

The team playing their home map decides which side they play in the first round, both teams are required to swap sides for the second. Scoring is by tickets, the clan with the highest combined tickets from both the home and away games will progress onto the next round.

*We no longer compete in this cup.

win = green | loss = red | draw = yellow

Reader's Challenge

Date Map(s) Us Them Points Media
round 2
Tooting Popular Front
19.07.05 mashtuur_city/sharqi_peninsula ??? ??? loss
round 1
Killerz in Action
16.07.05 sharqi_peninsula/zatar_wetlands 1 0 win

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